Device management (M2M)

OMA LWM2M based Device Management service to provide remote configuration and open data communication standard for sensors.

Edge Analytics

Edge IoT gateways to connect with sensors through LAN, Wi-Fi, RS232/485, Modbus, MT Connect, BLE, LoRa, etc., to collect sensor data, define rules & perform edge analytics.

Sensor & Camera Support

Plug-n-play support of analog/digital sensors and IP cameras using SDK APIs and over-the-air (OTA) feature on popular gateways i.e. Raspberry Pi, Kunbus, Moxa, etc..

IoT Messaging Service

Platform aids pub-sub based secure MQTT messaging service protocol to deliver data payloads & control packets between application & IoT edge gateways.

AI & Visualization

AI based analytics and visualization microservices to use pre-defined dashboards and showcase the business KPIs in user-friendly manner.


Certificate based device registration, followed by TLS/DTLS secure communication between IoT edge gateway & application.

DYM IoT Platform Features

Customer experience

Plug-and-Play solution templates creation and deployment which includes readymade Dashbaord, User Management, Solution Creation and Deployment, BI & Reporting functions. Provides end-to-end real time visibility of assets (sensors/machines) and data to industrial users.    


Well-defined interfaces based on MQTT, APIs and MQs for data IN-OUT to and from the platform and solutions. Offers any-protocol, any-source interface to ingest and filter the data then visualize in different KPIs forms.  


Deployed on the AWS cloud, inherits secure layer of AWS with powerful Firewall which protects platform services and data from extrenal threats like DDoS, SQL injection, flooding and ransomware attack. DMZ zones are defined at internal services and database level to provide enterprise level security.  Every DYM IoT devices authenticate by the server by its TLS based certificate.


Enables enterprise customers and business users to create Plug-and-Play solution templates creation and deployment includes readymade Dashbaord, User Managment, Solution Creation and Deployment, BI & Reporting functions. Saves cost and time-to-market for business.


Cloud agnostic to host it on public, private cloud and on-premise environment. Docker based container with strong CI-CD pipleline enables easy, quick deployment and upgrades.


Depending on the type of devices, select between multiple device connectivity options: Wifi, LAN, Bluetooth, CAN, Ethernet/IP, GPRS/3G/4G/5G, RS232/485, Modbus, OPC UA, Profibus/Profinet etc. To enable IoT GW to connect data pipeline with south-bound and north-bound systems. 

Rule engine

Enables business users to define rules on the data and take real time decision based on the same. Offers logical and arithmetic operations on which users can apply the different rules.