Challenges with prevalent Smart Pump & Flow Monitoring

Motor Efficiency
Flow & Leakage detection
Lack of access to equipment
Inability to predict potential failures

Smart Pump & Flow Monitoring

Optimize industrial efficiency with our IoT-based flow meter and pump monitoring solution, delivering real-time insights, ensuring precision, and enhancing remote operational reliability.

Solution KPIs:
  • Pump flow rate
  • Temperature
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Vibration​
  • Power Factor
  • Static Suction Losses
  • Pressure

You achieve these benefits

Proactive Maintenance Insights
Reduced Downtime
Improved Performance and Productivity
Reduced Maintenance Costs

Customer Testimonials

Public ltd. Agrochemical company
"Phase wise approach of digitalizing the reactor as our first IoT project was commendable"
Agrochemical company

Plant Head

International Airport
"Thank you for providing web interface and gateway to demonstrate lighting control in record time"
International Airport

General Manager, Electrical

Leading Adhesive manufacturer
"We wanted to create a common portfolio of connected devices and monitor the performance on real time basis of deployed products at end client location."
Adhesive manufacturer

S&M Head

Success stories and White paper

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