Challenges with prevalent Stamping & Pressing Monitoring

Poor visibility of manufacturing process
Reduced productivity & High downtime
Unoptimized production speed
High repair costs

Stamping & Pressing Monitoring

Our monitoring solution for Stamping & Pressing helps you protect the machine and tool from overloads, detect process disturbances such as feed failures, rising slugs, punch or die breakage and support the operator in quicker machine set-up.It is an effective method to gain insight into the forming process and its stability, to detect production faults and quality deviations and, if necessary, to intervene in the machine to control it.

Solution KPIs:
  • Cycle time
  • Production rate
  • First pass yield
  • Throughput
  • Equipment availability
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

You achieve these benefits

Real-time interactive dashboards
Reduce onsite visits
Reduces running costs
Preventive Maintenance

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